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Cars need sorting ..#26439

All cars need to spawn with parts .. somtimes we need to get into action somtimes we need to get somwhere fast and honestly somtimes im sick of seeing so many cars near roads just on fire not being used . Some low grade will be fine , if i want to upgrade car parts i will , let people use them , we still have to make keys for them thats fine … and somebody can steal them but dont let them not get used… you cant even learn the parts down bench 1, at least change one of these possible options please.

13 days ago

Low grade would just get stolen. I used to have your conplaint but if you passively loot parts along the road you can usually have a whip up and running quickly. Its 100 scrap to learn any set which isnt much if you like to use them a lot.

11 days ago

maybe a system where engines would spawn randomly with no parts to full parts with percentages getting lower the more parts you get into?, i dont there there should be fule spawning in them becuase it would get stolen like previously mentioned by Smash the state said

8 days ago