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Add key/mouse bind to auto-consume food growing in the wild bypassing it going into your inventory (and no grubs/worms)#26440

Many times you want to eat food growing in the wild, like a mushroom, right away. Currently you have to pick the mushroom and it goes into your inventory or hotbar. Then you need to consume it. That all takes multiple steps. But in the heat of battle it would be great to be able to SHIFT+click (or similar) on the growing mushroom to immediately pick and consume it at the same time.

When doing this alt-pick, or what ever you want to call it, the user gets no grubs/worms etc. But, if they pick the plant like normal and don’t auto-consume it, they do get the worms/grubs.

Think of it like this. Pick only the fruit with auto-consume, the plant remains and no grubs/worms are obtained. Pick the entire plant (fruit included) then you do get the grubs/worms.

2 years ago