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Optimize the game many lag generating content updates.....fix stuff first.#26968

The game gets very laggy at medium+ entity counts. I see a lot of rubberbanding, erronious fly hack kicks, stutter, and other on highly populated servers especially if the servers have a lack of raiding (raid restrictions, rp servers, etc).

Some optimization would just be nice….or Rust 2 someday?

I am wondering if building might be able to be optimized at some point? Could a single foundation with walls/door/roof upgrade to a 1 entity unit (walls, foundation, roof are replaced with a 1-piece) until it takes damage then returns to its individual components? Just wierd thoughts. But I am just hoping at some point if there will be inovations to the game optimization that will give us some really nice lag reductions.

a year ago

This game needs object container streaming at this point as bases and other objects are large and lag the game.

a year ago

Rust 3 maybe, don’t forget we had legacy :D

My guess is they are facing many challenges in keeping the game acceptable in terms of resource usage and perfomance when you spawn that amount of entities.

a year ago