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More survival aspects and slow down progression.#27014

Game has turned into open world csgo with annoying hunger and thirst meters, when it has the potential to be the best survival game out there. Instead of food and water being a minor annoyance, they can be a core factor into the gameplay, along with the temperature and radiation. Increase the effects of hunger and thirst and make food rarer. Also temperature, increase the need for warmer clothes in the snowy areas like snow jacket which is completely useless now.

To slow down progression even further and eliminate aks on a wipe day, why not limit the loot on the first couple of days ( not as much air drops and lesser loot on oil ) or make scientists AI alot better so it isn’t as easy to just go there and complete oil with just a bow.

Also I’d like to suggest removing the map entirely and make them craftable, or make it so you can find parts of the certain area in small monuments such as harbors and abandoned cabins maybe.

Recoil patterns are horrible for this game aswell, Ive made a few posts about it already.

4 months ago

I totally agree with this. I hate to see that the game I love so much is just infested with 12 year wanna-be Chads. I love idea and there’s so much that could be done to make it more of a survival game with pvp aspects instead of, a pvp game that has hunger and thirst. I want more pve, hell even a boss fight of some kind. It’s just that the game is just so pvp driven.

How they would do this without pissing everyone off? Idk. But that’s just my thoughts.

4 months ago

They can do it in such a way that it wont effect the pvp aswell, I wish and hope that eventually they can realise this.

4 months ago

I’d love to have the Map removed, but sadly that just means that some informed players use third party maps and others who don’t have a huge disadvantage.

3 months ago