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Making a better tutorial for newer players#2805

I feel that instead of making achievements and tips, you should add “Tutorial/Beginner Help” tab to the main menu. Once they click that, they will be redirected to a Rust server, which is custom made to help explain and show players how to play the game.

The reason Im saying this, is that I feel that the game is very confusing for new rust players and more than half of the time they dont know what to do. Instead of having them watch outdated tutorials from other youtubers, FacePunch should create a tutorial server (kinda like csgo) or at least a tutorial series for new players to learn the mechanics and functionality of each monument/item/weapon/etc…

2 years ago

the should make a tutorial server

2 years ago

Haven’t updated it in a while but this is useful to teach basics to new players

2 years ago

Just play the game and you’ll figure it out. We’ve all been there. New and not knowing anything. It’s part of the game and I thought learning it was a lot of fun. Yes, mistakes were made but each mistake was a lesson learned.

2 years ago

He is right that G guy

2 years ago

Just add a feature where teh client hosts a server and plays on it for some time, kinda like a sandbox. There would be floating tips and stuff to collect everywhere, kinda like the demo world in Terraria, and once they leave it all gets reset.

It will prevent cases like players putting their TC in a weird spot or not locking their doors, non-upgraded foundations, you name it!

The player will play in a single-player server hosted on the computer itself, so no extra infrastructure/servers will be needed to make it happen.

This will simply smooth out the newbie’s experience and let them enjoy the game, leading to a happier player base.

a year ago
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2 months ago

Also, how the fuck do i disable the ‘acheivements’ pop up? “Make a workbench” has been on my screen for like 5 years.

12 days ago