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GIve ALL PLAYERS viable options to see AT NIGHT#28237

If you give ALL players good options to overcome darkness… no one will have the need/advantage of color manipulation through nVidia.

Let’s be real, the current options for making night brighter are not viable. I do get the reason why nights are so dark, I think the solution is implementing more light sources rather than changing it.

A candle hat/miner’s hat takes up the slot for a helmet making u 1 headshot target that shines… NO ONE USES IT ANYMORE.
NVG are very hard to come by, expensive to craft and also they give very little head armor which makes them likely to die from 1 gun headshot, plus u have 2 green dots.
Handflashlights/torches take your equipped weapon slot so you can’t attack which once again renders them useless in fights at least.

the only good option at the time is the weapon flashlight. That’s why everyone either stays home to save the HQM or because they only have prim weapons which the flashlight cannot be attatched to… hence the filters, vibrancy and everything else, or stay at base.

I think you should make the miner hat, candle hat and NVG some kind of “attatchment” for the head. Something like the “bright eyes” item for halloween. Or even like a bandana or sunglases so that you can equip it with proper headgear taking up the slot for gloves/boots instead of the helmet. Candle with small radius of light around + no armor. Miner short cone of light in front + no armor. NVG could give from 0-5 armor (depends on whether or not it can be used with coffee and facemask)

Allow players to lit red flares and carry them for a much larger radius than the torch (?)

I recently suggested single handed weapons #27808 which I think is a good idea. however it ocurred to me that now that everyone is freaking out because of the nvidia filters… it could be a good time to allow players to hold a single handed weapon with the right hand and a torch/flashlight/flare in the other hand.

There is so much more you can add overtime:
*Infrared/thermal goggles

  • Thermal/NV scopes
  • flare gun OOR new ammo for the GL: Flare/light bombs so u can launch them far and light a big area
    Add bright eyes to animals so you can spot them from a slightly longer distance Add Howling to wolves during night. IDK why wolves stand still during night making them impossible to spot until they aggroed you. Let us hear them so we can avoid them :) They ruin fights cause u gotta shoot them and give up ur position.
    *Improve road lighting
  • Add some areas with little bioluminescent foliage/fireflies (not meant to light its surroundings but rather helping the player get familiarized with the area at night… for example “I know the way up to my base is right near the bush with the fireflies”)
  • Add some torches along the dirtroads
  • Add usable searchlight to some monuments like trainyard, launchsite, airfield
  • Add survival glowsticks
  • make more (or current) modular vehicles and allow to add searchlights that a teammate can move while u drive.
  • Allow to place some deployables on vehicle flatbeads (such as a smaller searchlight perharps)
3 months ago

Current night is healthy aspect for game, might be only reason for addicted players to take break. If i go at night i go for my own risk. Sometimes i forced to go, sometimes i want adrenaline.
NVGs very useful.
Candle hat/miner’s hat can be used to build.
Imagine now all doorcampers and roofcampers can see at night.
This game must be harder, night makes it harder.

3 months ago

I get your point. Yet people override this difficulty and have unfair advantages against players who stick to the rules

3 months ago