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Game Stages - Progression Restrictor#28242

There have been many polls that suggest that the majority of players’ favorite stage of the game is primitive. I think that this should be built upon. It would be interesting to restrict players from crafting beyond ‘X’ tier work bench, and prevent players from finding ‘Y’ loot until the wipe is ‘Z’ (hours) old. In addition, sulfur, metal, and stone nodes could also have reduced spawn times throughout certain stages.
I think that this progression restriction would make almost all servers more enjoyable.

11 days ago

Even a less forceful change where all spawn odds are corrected by “time since last wipe” would be great. e.g. air drop mp5 spwn chances = 0.1 + 0.01 * (server hours since wipe/wipe hours cap)

10 days ago

Yeah, just something along those lines. Something to extend the primitave/starting stages of the game. It would make guns/boom way more valuable, and as time went on this value would depreciate as guns start becoming more and more common. Definitely would love to see something like this implemented into the game.

10 days ago

I’ve been wanting something like this for ages. Made a suggestion long ago about it. I’d love to see it.

9 days ago

Don’t forget to delay events like the cargo or lock crates or change loot tables adding hour of wipe…. or raise difficulty… nobody must be able do a cargo in the primitive stage and get tier 3 weapons in the few hours of wipe… the gap between this ones and the other players are HUGE.

Extra: Hazmat loot probability must be lowered, people don’t craft gear because “hazi” doesn’t not requiere craft time and offer aceptable protection.

8 days ago