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Any plans to fix the 100% projectile invalid when crouch peeking?#28322


a year ago

I wish FPS games would sort this shit out. Rust is so broken in this way. So the bullet comes from the end of the gun, yet your first person view is from the chest and from a third person view your head is in the fkn roof. These were all issues with FPS games 10 years ago, no new game has these issues, models retract when up against walls, bullets come from the end of the gun meaning if your not ironsight aiming and fire behind something tall it will hit the wall and your vision is seen from your head in the player model.

This issue is no doubt part of the many anti-cheat mechanisms the game has which is a crutch to amount of cheating whic happens these days. For example, the ability to loot a logged out player through their base walls. In what world would a game allow that? If your looting a player why not check that a wall doesnt seperate you from the center of the model first. One. Simple. Check. Would fix that.

a year ago