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Berry rework: improving clone visuals and buffs#28738


Currently, i find working with the berry clones to be tedious if you have all 5 berries. A simple fix would be to add a color visual on the clones to indicate which berry they are. So if i have a red berry clone, then the leaves have some red streaks or highlights to easily see it is a red berry clone. Just a small QOL that would be helpful for farmers.

On a side note, i think certain tea buffs are sort of silly and not useful. Specifically, the healing tea and rad protection tea.

The healing tea requires a lot of red berries for a tradeoff that is worse than a large medkit. Unfortunately, i find tea farming to be a more mid to late wipe reward which generally means that thus buff is useless by then. Instead, why not give a timed passive heal? Say a pure regen tea gives 1 health per second for 30 minutes? Given that a red berry clone with 3 grows takes over an hour to reach the ripe stage, this doesnt seem too insane.

The rad tea should be designed such that a player can enter launch sites red puzzle and take zero rads for 30 minutes–if wearing a rad suit while buffed with a pure rad tea. This is not the case and it makes zero sense to spend effort on this tea.

Thanks for reading.

2 months ago

The only tea I find worth the time to grow berries for and use/sell, is the ore, wood, and max health tea. The scrap, rads, and health teas, are simply not worth the effort to make at this time for what little utility they provide.

I like the idea of health regeneration tea. That’s really what the health tea ought to be, compared to what it is right now. Also, I’d like a tea that increases your running speed by a certain percentage, depending on the grade of tea, to up maybe 10% increased speed. A universal 30 minutes for ore, wood, max health, regeneration, and speed, seems a fair amount of time for all the work one has to do to make the tea.

Facepunch unfortunately has the habit of putting a new feature in the game, then letting it sit for months or years before touching it again, if ever. It would be great if they’d continue to adjust and work with the tea system, but I’m not counting on it. Ore, wood, and max health tea, is the best we’ll likely have for a very long time.

a month ago