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to many npc vendors and benches where you can spend scrap to get the item its not fun any more no people in chat selling anything no more…

There is no RGN in game it does not feel exciting…..when i used to get an ak i was like omg he has an stash it quick we need to learn that

….. now when you die its like…oh dont worry another 500 scrap we will craft it from the bench and learn it…

i miss rare feeling…theres nothing like that any more…. people craft the good guns now and just sit on roofs

..its a real shame. i remember Not hearing a single gun shot for hours and hours ….

im open to talk about this. i dont hate rust i love it ….but lets not forget our roots …why i played the game.. and why you all played too…

remove the bench tier 2 and tier 3 bench progression tree’s 1 is fine but them guns are to progressive i get out grinded …… no luck at all! come on man sort it

i dont want the game to be about who has biggest team and who out grinded who! but it is now… thx for reading

player base peaked now and droped

playing 37 min ago

24-hour peak

all-time peak

your player base is dropping everything is to easy to get in a day…theres no insentive to play…

Bring rust back to what it was please……

adding things is fine trains all that is great… monuments great stuff…..but take the trees from benches and remove them… concider it.

2 months ago

I feel like you dont really know how to play the game..

500 scrap to craft an ak, then learn it? Wut?

Bruh - roofcamping was in the game since legacy - wtf are you even talking about?

Then you say to remove T2 and T3 tech trees? Okay, youre clearly trolling.

Dude, if you dont know how to play the game then find a new server to play.

2 months ago

it was an example you mongoloid. 1v1 me

2 months ago

What you are doing with the all-time peak stats is what all modern news media seems to do these days with statistics, using a stat for a narrative without actually explaining the significance.

The top player peak was from Janurary 2021…right after covid lockdowns really started to become severe. So the playerbase obviously exploded which is why that month it increased 132% and had declined. People just went back to work.

no people in chat selling anything no more

Thats because shops have become much more useful and people no longer really need to.

i dont want the game to be about who has biggest team and who out grinded who!

There is nothing that can be done about this, more people and more time just means you have the advantage. Just need to play to your own strengths.

Your points about tech tree removal is radical but not misguided.

I am in the same boat as many who think that progression is too fast these days, but completely removing the tech trees isnt really the answer, too many things you would have to find these days

Imagine trying to get everything for electricity , farming, or cars naturally by roaming, it would just be too much effort.

They definitely should rebalance tech trees tho, I dont think there is a reason that someone who does nothing but run their local dirt road is able to tech tree to raiding tools without actually needing to do any monuments. Certain things should definitely be more rare. But that is just my opinion.

2 months ago

dude …. 4 years ago …. I started from scratch. I was the best noob Rust platfom has hosted. For all most 2 years I got to the point when i managed to put 3k hours and in my last 1 years i started to practice alot on ak training grounds. I suddenly invented how not to die in more then one way. I had been taking various fights with more then one clan and killed them continuosly for like 100 times and not get shot not even once. I also got banned for a mouth on xmilion because one admin and his team was online raiding some big base and when i got there him and his friends but also the owners of the base all died multiple times for about 1h untill they simply banned me and i had to run on Discor channels to ask kindly for unbann because they thouth i use a bug or something… Anyhow….. I was that noob. and who ever joins Rust community , can simply grow and this will add the elements hi needs to have the sattisfaction we all share when things go because your good at. I had so much fun.

a month ago