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player lighting revamp!!!#29044

Currently, the only options are industrial lights, sound lights, or ceiling lights.

Ceiling Lights - Actual lighting color is good, but the lamp itself is obnoxious and its spread isnt good for all use cases. Though, overall best light.

Sound Lights - Colors dont properly apply if first activated out of render distance, limited light cone (but still a cool cone, would keep that the same, just fix it a bit).

Industrial Lights - Good for small spaces and accent lighting, but color options are nasty for actual base lighting. White is too white, red and green are good, just not for lighting a base.

What I suggest, is making Industrial lights function similiar to how boom boxes function. By default, the lights should be white (with a bit of yellow) and then the rgba color can be changed by a controller chip on the wall. The chip would just be a color box where a player can input any color and brightness. Would also be cool to have the option to switch between 3 preset color profiles through side wire inputs to change lighting automatically.

This is just a complete direct upgrade, still the same functionality so if someone who bought them previously didnt want to use them with custom colors they dont need to.

Also, the Simple Light item is really good, wish that could be implemented in the industrial light pack, so the pack would just be “Industrial Wall Light”, “Industrial Light Controller”, and “Industrial Flood Light” (both would have custom color support)

2 months ago

good idea!!!!!!!

2 months ago

I think you could simplify it by just making the light intereactable to set it as a preset solid colour or effect like the sound lights. Adding in extra controllers, while I can see the appeal, seems widely unnessessary

There’s honestly a plethora of possible lighting options, but the 2 I would like to see are:

  • Large Industrial Wall Light; use more power, but produce more light then the standard IWL, but takes up less space then the Ceiling Light. Can’t be used for farming

  • UV Grow Lamp; Same design as the Ceiling Light but costs more to make and produces a UV light that accelerates crop growth

2 months ago

you would want to be able to change the colors easily though, instead of needing to manually go in to all of them, just set the color once and power them through the controller. Would be a thousand times easier and allow for more control

2 months ago