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Some potential changes to Underwater Labs#29054

TL;DR below! Do not despair!!

Firstly, I think a bit of the overall component collection could be slowed down just a bit - you can leave with 300-600 scrap from maybe 10-15 minutes on a vanilla server and its generally quite easy and safe. Maybe some more appropriate loot could be added, rather than a lot of components and HQM? Maybe we could find little grenade parcels that have smoke, frag, flashbang and molotovs in them.*

Secondly, and contrary to the first point, the green/blue rooms are incredibly lackluster. There’s one blue room I consider “worth” opening, and even then its a curveball if you get anything good. The green rooms are absolutely atrocious and the other blue room is really bad.

Thirdly, would it be possible to have the Underwater Labs labelled by size on the map? Sort of like Oil Rig and Large Oil Rig, it’d be nice to know which Underwater Labs has a red card room - Nothing sucks more than setting up your nice base by the labs, and by the time you manage to check it out, you discover its one of the super short, dinky ones. Perhaps something like “Primary Underwater Labs, Secondary Underwater Labs”. Not a good naming suggestion, but, in that vein of thought…

Fourthly, the NPC’s are a huge joke when you’re in the Labs themselves, but trying to go through some of the moonpools can be almost guaranteed death - You can’t fight back, you have to climb up the moonpool, your vision is obscured, you’re being shot, you have to draw your weapon and you won’t have the best armor on due to having diving equipment.
Perhaps they could be a bit more aggressive and dangerous but not “camp” the moonpools quite so heavily?
One possible “Fix” could be a small moonpool entrance with a one-way door - you can only enter through it, not leave it.
The NPC’s in the Labs could use the new grenades maybe - Just flashbangs probably, but it’d be thrilling and make them more dangerous to have them chuck a flashbang at you.

Anyways, just a few thoughts. If you like any, please post below. Or don’t. If you don’t like any…please also post below.

*I really do mean just by a little bit - Just a loot variety change slightly so Labs isn’t solely giving you a glut of components. This is amazing early game/start of wipe, but it becomes progressively less useful. I don’t think it should give, like, oil rig loot or anything obviously, but a few more unique feeling loot tables would be neat. A few suggestions:
-The aforementioned grenades box
-A hyproponics box with some higher quantities of veggies (Potatoes, Pumpkins, Corn, Mushrooms, etc)
-A rare tea box with some minor teas in it
-An electronics box with some of the more rare electricity stuff to find

Slightly less raw components, more varied loot.
Some changes or buffs to the poor quality green/blue loot rooms
Naming on the map to know which are the “Big” labs (that have red rooms)
Make NPC’s a little less spawncampy at moonpools
Different loot boxes - Tea box, electronics box, hydroponics food box, grenade box…

2 months ago