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fishing poles, harpoons, fish, shark and maybe the occasional whale…

a year ago

yes ! Give us fishing ! I love fishing IRL and in every game.

a year ago

yes please!

5 months ago
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5 months ago
Merged Fishing#151
5 months ago

there is many private server who added this plugin of fishing, so in rust you can find alredy this plugin. let facepunch think something diferent they ave team they can think something new something you cant find even in moded servers.

5 months ago

whale would be awesome 300 8 hp+2 instant food 1k fat and 1k bone fragments

4 months ago

Breakdown of Fishing :-

Fishing pole
-Already researched as standard
-Crafted with Wood + Sawing Kit + Metal Frags
-Fishing Bait :- Human remains / sweetcorn seeds / pumpkin seeds / Fish bait

Fish Types
-Trout / Salmon found in streams
-Puffer fish Coastal or mid range water depths

Additional feature
-Poison : Pufferfish extracts can be used to produce poison arrows
-Treatment pills : used to remove the poison effects like radiation pills.

3 months ago

make visible fish, you can spear, but if you get close they disappear swiming away. so if you want to get really large fish, you will have to use a rod and some skill.

make fishing a fun minigame, where you need ro reel and feel the tension aswell as pull the rod. if you go too far, it will cut the line and you will need to spend some bone or metal to make a new hook.

larger fish will give you more food and fat aswell as maybe a random chance of an item iside of it, an electrical component, a piece of junk or component when gutted.

you can try to sneak spear them, but it should be really hard with a spear throw.

3 months ago