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Hardmode -crosshair, map etc#29619

Hello, always disliked crosshairs and you even added one, it’s fine, but since we have Hardmode now it is not necessary there. Would be good to add craftable maps without tracking and ability to draw on it, i definitely forgot something else, but guess that’s it, thank you for adding Hardmode, this mode is the only reason i wanted to come back

2 months ago

unfortunately, adding crosshairs is more about an anti-cheat feature than anything

many people have physical crosshairs glued to their screen, or programs that add crosshairs and that gives unfair advantages that Facepunch cannot detect

so the reasonable thing to do is to give that advantage to everyone to level the playing field, @Sans Comic

2 months ago

Exactly what Lup says. Unfortunately, some players dont respect playing by design and use a third party cross hair to have this slight advantage. So in order to make everyone on the same level, the dev added one. But you can still turn it off if you want. Thats why we cant have nice things, because there is always someone that will break it.

2 months ago