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Put fuel into containers, can be ignited to create traps#29626

Any container that can hold water can now hold fuel. and are ignitable releasing an explosion proportional to the amount of fuel in the container. Maybe a full bottle can be equivilant to that of a molov.

The new dynamics as a result can get indepth and add a great deal of creativity for content.


-a player can throw a bottle and shoot it with a fire arrow for a small explosion and fire.
-a player can throw fuel on another player from a bucket and set them on fire with a torch for a limited time.
-a player can throw a jug of fuel, or leave one on the floor by a door so that they can shoot it with a fire arrow when a player comes out.
-a player can go suicied attack with a fuel bucket and a torch out.
-a molotov can be placed on the floor and ignited later on.

with this i also think pressure plates should provide enough power for a 75% chance that an ignighter goes off.


-a player can leave a fuel container by an ignighter, connected to a hidden pressure pad for a very basic flame trap

2 months ago