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FONTS, To Help Simplify Electrics - image attached.#30414

In the Image Attached: This is how I typically arrange all my electrics/power points within my builds, with Picture Frames. We could do with something like this as a permanent feature within the game.

For me to create these with the ‘Sign Artist Command’, I have to pay for this plugin on a monthly basis.
I also use paintshop to create the designs/text for the Picture Frames.
I’ve been uploading hundreds of images in to the game over the past year or so, and it is totally satisfying :D

It is possible to also use Rustangelo, however that takes time, and the graphics aren’t so good either :/ and for those like me, we like perfection lol

However, not many people can get access to these (Sign Artist Command, Paintshop, etc.). But, it would be really nice if everyone could do what I’m doing here - placing text within paintable deployables.

What we could do with perhaps is the ability to type a variety of Small, Medium, or Large Numerical, and Alphabetical FONTS within the painting program that is in the actual game (adding “Windings” FONT as an example). This would help so many people in personalising certain features in, and around, and on their builds, and could also take Role-Play to a whole new level. Because it certainly does it for me :)

Thanks for reading, have an awesome day :)

P.s. Hope this post helps, and inspires others in managing their electrics, and power points with decent fashion ;)

2 years ago