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how much memmory do i need to buy for my pc to stop this stuttering in game ? because this is pathetic ,, i have 32gb and a 1080 graphics card 102 fps , and the games choking even lowerd my grpahics still same fps and still same out come.

10 days ago

You must be new here. It is common knowledge that the dev team dont give a damn about the actual game no more, and its performance. All they care about is their moneyflow, and to add more useless features that overloads the ancient Graphic Engine they still use for their socalled “hardcore survival” game.
No matter what GPU you have, or how much ram u have, the game will still perform like utterly shit. All we can hope for, is that they merge the game into a new graphic engine. But that is not gonna happen. Because “it will take too long”. What a silly excuse…

9 days ago

If you already have gc.buffer set to 4096 you can’t really do much more.
5800x3d helps and faster speed ram helps aswell, tho even with the top end specs the game still freezes onces a while.

9 days ago

Rust programming language cant handle it.

9 days ago

gc.buffer x x = the exact value in mb of half your available ram(so 16gb just google exact value in mb)

9 days ago