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Congratulations facepunch#31455

You made the game run even worse after updating unity, you are forcing people to use windowed/borderless hence fucking up exclusive and now for example i have 50-70fps in UKN gungame instead of 80-120 well played.
I have no idea how can a company make game worse with every single update where either it is gameplay or performance/visual sake.
But you manage to somehow make an already bad performing game even worse.
Not even gona start talking about the lighting/filters/terrible updates/combat you know its all garbage and halfassed, but seriously atleast dont make the game run worse then it already is.
Oh and yea you removed hapis while ignoring/neglecting it for years shows another reason you just push things out for cashgrab/hype and then leave them to rot.

4 months ago

Why would they remove exclusive mode they should just add native fullscreen mode

4 months ago

Cry more

2 months ago