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For God's sake LET US PUNCH AND KICK!...and LIE PRONE!#3210

Punching and kicking is the MOST BASIC thing, available in countless games!
Rust is supposed to be a SURVIVAL game, where you (especially as you start) use the most BASIC of weapons! (I mean a ROCK?!!!)
So why on Earth would you just handicap us to somehow not being able to use our hands and feet?? It’s so unrealistic and weird! We can climb (although, only up netting for some reason), we can make fires, we can ride horses, weild all manner of weapons but we can’t punch or kick?
We should also be able to LIE DOWN PRONE to hide and shoot weapons from the PRONE POSITION.

8 months ago

I still don’t know why prone isn’t a thing -_- I just wanna belly crawl through the grass. That’s all I want.

Ryan Robinson
8 months ago

I don’t think prone would be a good addition for arcade-y combat like Rust. It’s more of a mil-sim thing.

Niko Hukka
8 months ago

No Niko… it really isn’t. It’s a realistic thing. Lying prone is a hiding thing. It’s a common shooting thing. Just because a lot of games have come out that don’t allow lying prone and a few mil-sims DO allow it doesn’t mean that we should follow some weird convention….. This is a most bizarre attitude…
I would like FP to add whatever is realistic in all aspects of the game and IGNORE what games have done in the past - it should not be a factor at all… Being ORIGINAL is more important.
Why would you want to box or limit a game?! The more you can do, the more freedom! Jesus, the more i think about what you just wrote, the more baffled I am! It’s like saying, ‘Please tie one of my hands behind my back, in a sword fighting game’, because you once saw a fencing duel and liked the look of it! o.O

8 months ago

to be honest i also dont want prone in Rust it just doesnt feel right for this kind of game and nobody really compained since the game released in 2013 tho the punch mechanic should and probably will be added at some point since we already saw concepts for weapons to be used with punching

8 months ago

Fencers held their hand behind their back to prevent it getting cut, and you didn’t really use the hand for anything in a sword fight anyway. It would be quite realistic in a sword fighting game. Anyway, I digress.

As Monderah said, it just doesn’t feel right for a game like Rust in my opinion. In my experience being able lie down vastly changes the nature of the game to a more slower-paced one. The reason I mentioned mil-sims was because these games are overall designed to be more tactical and slow.

There’s a decent f2p Call of Duty clone called Ironsight that lets you lie down. By gameplay and feel, it is an adrenaline-filled run-and-gun shooter. Except sitting prone and watching choke points while exposing only 10% of your hitbox is an often-employed and successful tactic. Now, I don’t have any problem with “camping”. However, this is against the core design philosophy of the game because as “tactical shooter”, it is rather terrible. Simply put it eliminates the fun out of the game and it doesn’t really fit into the gameplay.

It’s rather like adding a gun to the sword fighting game. It’s janky, out-of-place and possibly game-breaking. But hey, more options is always better.

Niko Hukka
8 months ago

If they add prone there should be a cumbersome animation so dolphin diving doesn’t become a thing and you move very slowly. That way it’s pretty much just for hiding and longshots

8 months ago

Yeh, Niko, I undersatnd all your POV and I understood it last time but like many people who seem to always want to pigeon-hole RUst, you’re narrowing it down waaaaay below what it actually is!
It’s MANY!
Lying prone wouldn’t suddenly cut all YOUR preffered combat!!!
I WANT slower engagements! Armour is almost pointless in RUst!
E.g. full roadsign and good clothes you are killed in 1 SECOND… What’s the point of the armour? EVEN with METAL set you can get killed in 1 second!!!
Anyway, Rust is huge! Large maps, large ranger of different geared ppl, so there will ALWAYS be ALL kinds of combat.
They should allow prone to keep in line with THAT ‘CORE DESIGN’!
(the core design that almost anything can be done from bows, to 1-shot shot-gunners, to rocket launching gyro wariors!!)
Also you completely missed my POINT about fencing.
The point was, you want a game that keeps trying to be more realistic, to be less realistic just because YOU prefer a certain, narrower, TYPE of game.
Rust has never been any SPECIFIC GENRE, which is what I love about it so much and suspect is the reason for it’s success. It’s MANY genres in one.


8 months ago

Ezabs - Agreed, Lying prone, you should not be able to e.g. fire bows… xbow, yes, bow and compound, no…
Crawling prone… if that would be a thing, would obvioulsy be slow like crouching….
There is NO REASON thing shouldn’t be possible…
Same is punching and kicking.. it crazy not to have it.

8 months ago

yeah and maybe leaning

3 months ago