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Automatic ban-for-associaton tool.#32215

It is very frustrating to see members of large groups get banned for cheating, only for the group to face no repercussions and bag the cheaters on new accounts.
Perhaps if a tool can be made that proves association of players via trivial things such as:

being authorized on the same tc or multiple codelocks
being in the same team ui
or even something more advanced such as:
not shooting eachother in multiple occassions
exchanging loot
giving someone a bag
roaming together
With such a tool available, the teammates of a banned player could receive server bans or lengthy but not permanent cooldowns (perhaps for the duration of the wipe). This would force people to carefully pick trustworthy people to play with and also diminish the incentive to cheat.

6 days ago

I don’t think an auto ban is a good idea, if one guy just randomly decide to hack you’re banned ? If you’re playing with some random guy you get banned if he hacks ? If you’re quickly playing with a random on a server and he gets banned you get banned ?
Imagine streamers, they will get targeted for sure aswell lol

6 days ago