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Battery reskin#32216

Medium/Large Batteries really need a redo when it comes to looks. We’re at the point where we need to designate a 1x1 just for 2 batteries.
Would be nice if they were half the size (but wider) so they can fit under half floors.

Hugs and Kippers

a year ago

Put them in honeycomb with reinforced windows and shutters from battery’s side, so it won’t weaken base too much and raiders raiding through doors will have to guess if it is worth destroying window to check what’s inside honeycomb.

That said, I think medium battery should be a bit smaller to fit under half floors (triangle included), perhaps at the expense of higher HQM cost and smaller capacity, but the same max output.
Large battery should be narrower by just few % to fit inside triangle floor frame, so we could use floor frames to strengthen weak side of stone honeycomb against eco raids, but remain the same height, basically requiring to choose cheaper deployable vs more space saving one (medium battery).

a year ago

“Skin” generally refers to either just textures/materials or, at most, a purely aesthetic alternative model that retains the exact same “hitbox” / collision model. What you’re asking for is a new model, not a skin. I agree btw; Large is a little too big and Medium is like 2.5-3x as big as it should be.

a year ago