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New armor idea: Bear Head for RUST game#32222

I hope you are doing well. I would like to propose an idea for an addition to the game RUST.

My idea is simple but could bring an interesting novelty to the gameplay. Currently, it is possible to craft armor using wolf skulls. I suggest adding the possibility of killing bears (polar or brown) to obtain bear skulls, allowing the creation of a new armor piece: the “Bear Head”. The armor skin would vary depending on the type of bear, offering a white color for polar bears, more adapted to snowy environments.

The Bear Head could have the same characteristics as the Wolf Head or be an improved version, given that bears are larger and more difficult to kill than wolves. It could even be interesting to combine it with a poncho to offer better protection against damage and the cold.
I made you a little drawing to put an image on my words

I am convinced that this small addition could significantly improve the gaming experience for players and offer a new option for armor.

Thank you for your time and I hope you will consider this suggestion.
Hoping to hear back from you

Best regards,


7 months ago