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Make HBHF output a passthrough#32274

Or add it as an option, so that even if there is 1 player it can output the amount we want.

a year ago

RF Transmitter and Recievers may be the solution you’re looking for.

You send the output of the HBHF to the RF Transmitter, which can go to any number of Recievers because they can share the same frequency.

If your goal is to trigger something for a certain amount of time, you could use one of the Recievers to Toggle a Timer; which can have an unlimited amount of power going to it.

Or just have the HBHF toggle the timer… hope this helped.

a year ago

I had another solution : blockers. But guess why I would rather have a passthrough directly in the HBHF sensors ? To simplify the system and reduce the overall electric cost of setting up multiple HBHF to the same thing (with or/and switches for example) like a rust+ alarm or an auto garage doors system.

a year ago

I dont think you even read what I said…

If I understand your situation:

You want multiple HBHFs trigger the same thing?

Do this:

Each HBHF goes to their own Broadcaster

They can then all toggle the same Reciever.

That reciever can then toggle a smart alarm when it recieves power (from ANY of the broadcasters).

NO OR switches.

Its literally how I have my auto turrets all trigger the same smart alarm - each turret has its own broadcaster, and they all send a signal to the same Reciever, which toggles a single smart alarm.

If you wanted it to do something else, you could do that too..

Do whatever you want though.

a year ago

transmitters cost a crap ton of tech trash bruv why would I set up that shit

a year ago

Because its the solution.

Keep posting dumb questions and not listening to answers.

Literally wasting my time trying to help you.

a year ago

It’s one of the solutions, and costs a lot more than my initial one.
This site isn’t about questions, it’s about suggestions to improve the game. I didn’t ask you anything in the first place (the only question I made was a rhetorical one, sorry if you didn’t understand that).

a year ago