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Many ideas#32285

1.Tree farms as well as being able to plant and havre tree it would be a massive farm upgrade industrialization also have large out side water sprinkles and other players can destroy them with fire

  1. Mini upgrades you can pull cars up and upgrade add storage and add more seats why not with minis

3.metal high wall already have wood and stone may as well add sheet metal and HQ wall wood will be a BP you have no Mayter what stone T1 metal t2 and HQ T3

  1. LRs suck should be able to craft them

  2. Player pings and names show up on compass

  3. Send me a message of Discors if you can add any of these so I can try them

7.hydro power

  1. True dynamic whether

  2. New type of map with terrain we haven’t seen bigger mountains more valleys

a year ago