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NVG activation must be configured separately from flashlight#32976

Night vision devices should not be turned on with the same button as the flashlight.
Imagine the situation: you are at night, you have a weapon with a flashlight in your hands - pressing one button will turn on both night vision devices and a flashlight where the second one will blind you.
You say “what fool would take a weapon with a flashlight and night vision devices together.” Okay, different situation.
You are driving a car at night (let’s say you went in the winter under cover of night with a buff of tea to farm ore with night vision). You can’t see anything, but you have night vision. To turn it on you have to stop the car, get out, turn it on on your head, then get inside and continue driving, which is awkward and stupid.
It would be great if, by default, NVG turned on on the N button

8 days ago

or make it push and hold for flashlight

5 days ago