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Im a notorious farmer in rust and ive noticed there isnt anything useful for green berries besides rad teas, and white berries also only used for scrap teas which is alright but nothing crazy, im thinking with white and green you can make fish teas to increase fiahing yield, also revitalizing the fishing aswell

a year ago

Stink bait.

I wish there was a few more options with it.

More utility items,medical items or character buffs.

Better sprint or tighter hipfire.

Use the bench as a lab for utility items.
Animal food, Better stamina regen for horses?
Animal musk.
Better bait.
Rad pills using Charcoal
Hand warmers.
Medical bandages, faster and stack more.

Refine items? Fertalizer.
Maybe a new components that can be recycled in the lab for lowgrade.

a year ago