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autoturret problems#34365

turrets shooting through bushes, smoke, water, heavy fog, bolt turrets doing 80 damage to full metal per hit and silenced bolt turrets doing 80 damage per hit on full metal. these are all glitches or oversights that should be tweaked imo.

17 days ago

The problem is that it’s not a glitch

17 days ago

No, Because you will just exploit the game mechanics more than you do now.

It seems your lack of skill and the haterd of turrets exists because turrets are the only thing that slows down weak assed offline trash players from raiding a base faster.

Your ideas can all be exploited

  • Just hide behind a bush and rocket spam a base, you cannot remove bushes short of planting a foundation on them

  • Pop multiple smokes and rocket spam a base or plant c-4.

  • All guns shoot through water but remove the ability and no water base is safe. You can swim up and get in with no real effort.

Turrets are nerfed enough for the short bus riders usually allowing you to get hit and walk away heal and rethink your approach. Turrets are very much nerfed especially for a electomechanical device that woule be supremly accurate. They should work as well as the weapon and ammo in them but they do not produce the same amount of damge or range.

If you hate turrets so much make your own server and remove them.

16 days ago

@Punisher_1 “lack of skill” turrets are used to compensate for lack of skill, by literally using something to aim for you.
ive never intentionally offline raided someone, also if someone shoots near or at a turret from a bush the turret could start shooting randomly in that general direction.
turrets are meant to be dumb and situational, not the end all be all to a fucking raid.
why the fuck should a bolt turret be able to sit behind a bush and magically see then laser anyone within a 50 metre distance causing insta death to anyone not in full metal. also that smoke “exploit” is intended, thats what i think would fit in the game and give smokes utility.
A turret should not be a replacement for a real player, a player should be better and more effective then a turret in every way. thats why its bullshit that they see through stuff they shouldnt see through.

16 days ago

@Punisher_1 “lack of skill” every time i play on vanilla i get a box of guns because of how easy progression is, i can literally just build next to where chinook drops crate and then farm pvp.

16 days ago

bolty turrets dont make sense. bolts do 70 dmg to a body shot but when theyre in a turret they can body shot you from 100 to 0

14 days ago

@Mark hayton because they headshot you

14 days ago

you cant get headshot by a turret pal

13 days ago

@Jean Mahmoud Ventilateur they dont headshot you, all other turret weapons count as body shot and there is no audible headshot noise mad when a bolt turret hits you

10 days ago