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Ultra-Light Glider w/ Potential Feature for Hooking Airdrops out of the sky#34366

An ultralight plane that can be flown by 1 single person.

Pros : Fairly easy to craft, Great way for low tier players to get into the air without intruducing anything overpowering over the existing helicopters

Downsides : No Engine/Motor, Extremely light w/ weight low durability, solo cockpit, Needs to be launced from a hill or off a roof with added Bungee mechanic.

Possible Features to be added : A retractable attachable hook that can be mounted to the bottem of the aircraft which can be used to catch airdrops out of the sky. Would be extremly hard to catch if player controls are kept difficult, or close to irl

PS : pls hire me

17 days ago

This honestly seems kinda cool. Tier 1 flight would be super awesome, as currently it’s a pretty high level of entry for air travel. It definitely needs to be really weak as a trade-off.

17 days ago

parachute does the same job

11 days ago


9 days ago