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Please patch the fireball jump-for-no-fall-damage exploit#34370

Title. People are exploiting by riding fire down long drops to not take any fall damage.

Includes fire arrows, incen shotgun etc.

17 days ago

Feature not a bug (TM)

17 days ago

Wait what ?

17 days ago

@Jean Mahmoud Ventilateur Because fire slows you down. You can use it by shooting something that creates fire, then land on it from a high height without taking fall damage.

17 days ago

Do you consider jumping out of a minicopter last second before crashing to avoid dying an exploit? Because it’s a similar mechanic to this “fireball exploit”.

16 days ago

@Jeremiah It’s not an exploit but a flaw of the physics engine

In a perfectly realistic game, you’d conserve momentum regardless if you dismount or not. So it’s not really an exploit but I would suggest they patch it imo

But fire slowing you down has been coded by FP, it’s not there in the base physics engine

14 days ago