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Player can craft "prototype" items#34371

Use x additional resources & scrap to craft a prototype of specific items that you haven’t researched. Prototype items are flawed and not all items can have a prototype crafted. See balance for suggested draw backs of prototyping.

// Gameplay Scenario

You want to craft a Semi-Automatic Rifle (SAR) but you do not have it researched.
You approach your workbench to craft a prototype SAR with worse stats (see balance) at the cost of using additional components.

The Semi-Automatic Rifle can be crafted with:
1 Semi Automatic Body
450 Metal Fragments
1 Metal Spring
4 High Quality Metal

The Semi-Automatic Rifle can be prototyped with:
2 Semi Automatic Body
1000 Metal Fragments
2 Metal Spring
8 High Quality Metal
50 scrap

// Balance

These are the suggested balancing approaches that could be taken.

Prototyped items can have their statistics altered to incorporate balance.
For instance, the prototype has % less:

  • Durability;
  • Protection (projectile , rad, cold, etc.);
  • Damage;
  • Fire rate;
  • Range etc.

Additional resources used to prototype items can be altered.

Items can only be prototyped using a higher tier workbench. IE. Tier 3 can prototype tier 2.

// UI Implementation

As it stands, users looking at the workbench can see a cog icon prompting them to “USE”. When E is pressed, the inventory UI is displayed with an additional element containing a button with the text “OPEN TECH TREE”.

An additional button can be implemented in the same element as the “OPEN TECH TREE” button. This button can have the text “PROTOTYPE ITEMS”, when clicked the user is shown a UI of items they can prototype at the altered statistics and cost of course.

7 months ago