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Repairing Damaged items (Turrets, Shotgun traps, Cars, Etc)#34975

Its annoying when you can’t repair an item because it requires 0 lots of a resource.
Turrets: xHQM + 0Laptops + 0 Camera’s.
Shotgun traps: xWood + yMetal + 0Cloth.
Cars: once almost repaired they can go to 0 hqm but still it requires you to have 1 piece of HQM in order to repair the metal and wood parts.
Futher Explanation:
When an Item is picked up it loses HP once it is then placed down it will be damaged in order to repair the item it tells you which resources you need this can consist of X amount of HQM, Y amount of Camera’s and Z amount of Laptops. In order to repair an item you need at least 1 of each resource X, Y and Z. However this can be annoying when the amount of Y(Camera’s) and Z(Laptop’s) Required is 0. Because the game still requires you to have a Camera and a Laptop in order to repair said item.

5 months ago