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LR needs some love#34980

The LR in its current state isn’t worth buying/using in almost any circumstance. The SAR and Thompson do basically the same job for much cheaper, and the LR is so much worse than the AK that they aren’t even in the same ballpark despite intending to be a rival T3 assault rifle.

The LR used to have a unique identity as the versatile assault rifle you could put a scope on, or a viable AK alternative available earlier if you wanted to gamble the scrap. This is no longer the case.

Giving the LR more forgiving recoil, specifically while scoped, and less brutal bullet bloom would do wonders for giving this gun its identity back, lest it sit in its current unviable AK’s-shittier-cousin state.

It doesn’t need to do more damage, it just needs to be more stable and reliably accurate at distances beyond 50 meters.

6 months ago

Actually had a situation yesterday where i wish i had an LR i was in a 1v3 and i had a SAR I managed to kill 2/3 and had only 3 bullets left to kill the final guy, unfortuantley i died because i ran out of bullets.

6 months ago

The LR300 has better dps, aimcone and bullet capacity, than the SAR or Thompson. And the LR has about twice the range of a Thompson.

The LR with burst fire is now a high skill high reward gun. The LR burst mode has way less aimcone than the AK, and the burst recoil is nothing compared to the AK recoil, but burst fire requires more skill than fully automatic.

In general, the AK is suppose to better than the LR, but the LR in burst mode gives it a better chance.

6 months ago

Agreed although maybe lr needs a revamp for its spray pattern.

6 months ago

Lower the draw time from 2 seconds to 1 second to match the AK

6 months ago