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claimable monument that can only be raided in a 6 hour window each day#34989

One or two per map, the timer is either pre-set or set by the owners when they claim it. The window to claim on wipe might require constant attention/defending as people fight over it. after the monument is claimed, it becomes locked down and only the owners of the TC can open the door. It takes one minute to open the door and to close it outside of the 6 hour window.

Inside this buildable area there will be a static TC that cannot be broken but can be damaged/have lock destroyed.

During the 6 hour window, the door is open and anyone can attack or raid.

Maybe it should cost diesel or scrap to upkeep the safety features of this.

5 months ago

So a clan gets to own a personal monument all wipe long?

5 months ago

The monument would be available to anyone who can claim it. You are assuming a clan will claim it, but a small group or even a solo player could claim and defend it as well.

5 months ago

@Drcon ah yes because your average solo player can win a 1v20

Get real dude this is just a clan buff

5 months ago