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A Way to improve PvP#36285


You should make that you can use the small barricade almost everywhere, near to monuments,or also inside monuments, but at least much more near to monuments and close to the streets, and near to the rails, is the only way to protect you from someone that shoot you first, is the only way to bring back fun of pvp in this game, a way of survive when you get shot first.
Also the small barricade is also too small, it will be good to do like the small ice wall in christmas time, that wall is small but at the same time give a really good protection, the pvp is more fun with that.
Obviously the walls should have really fast decay time, like 20-30 min for example, for make impossible for people to cover monument and for other obvious reasons, this is one of the only way for try to make the pvp more fun and more based on skills. Now the barricade is almost useless, since 40% of the time you can’t place it..
The guys that put down points don’t have an idea of what to do for improve the game really, because this would be a really good things to wall almost everywhere, only with small barricade i’m talking, i repeat, small not the high external wall, this is one of the way to make the on ground pvp more fun and have more possibility to defend your self and then survive, now the game is maded of keep respawning LOL seems like a deathmatch game, where the guy that killed another guy, is gonna get killed because the same guy that has been killed is gonna respawn.. there shoul be more way to defend your self from death, now seems like a deathmatch

18 days ago

Complitely agree, now there is no way to defend your self from death, also before was like that, but the game was much much slower, and now that the game is much faster, because of the evolution (like all games tend to get faster) , is better to add ways to cover your self from getting shot first.

18 days ago

a way to improve pvp would be to scrap the entire thing and do it again. Shit is literally just terrible. Has been for 2 years. And always will be until its fixed.

17 days ago

that requires a complete remake of the game, with perhaps a change of graphics engine and therefore a general change to the physics of movements and PVP, but I don’t think that there is absolutely a plan for a change of graphics engine or such a radical change for who knows how long time

17 days ago

Yes the PvP has been crap for a couple years, Rust used to be way more fun around 2016-2019. First they need to slow it down like above people have said. Progression, movement speed, damage etc. should be reduced. The game is originally based on the old Day Z mod which was also fun because it had perma-death. i.e. If you die, you’re back to some random location many km away, and much lost progress.

17 days ago

Now is too late for changes, and in any case all things are destined to change, then just look at what they will add on April 4th: the minigun, another military weapon that will contribute to the decline of everything, however rare it will be to find or create (I hope).
Since the world revamp the game has slowly gone into decline: I enter a server, it’s full of bases every 2 meters, the terrain is undulating, forests placed randomly here and there and everything else seems randomly placed and it comes out a total confusion in the map, what seemed epic at first, has turned rust into a really toxic game to play, it’s no longer a “playable” game.
Bugged scientists with half their bodies in the streets, shooting at you just after a player just shot you with a bolty from the roof, take two steps and one player comes out of one of the infinite bases that are in an area of ​​100 meters x 100 meters , you can’t understand anything anymore, it seems like a game made by a child messing around with Unity Engine. Total confusion on the map and on the screen

17 days ago

@Franco Vionti content bloat and also changing shit that doesnt need changing has caused this.

fuck i hate the world revamp so much, more then anything facepunch has ever done.

13 days ago

Been saying this ages …… but hey

11 days ago

Loads of pvp changes need to happen

11 days ago

This would be the proposal: Make the small barricade object placeable in 95% of the map, decrease the range of building blocks for the small barricade item, decrease the range of monuments up to the limit of the beginning of the monument, to the small barricade item, making it placeable near the roads and near the rails, or even above, with the simple destruction of the passage of a train or car.
All this by adding a very low decay time (20/30) minutes to the small barricades , this would make on-ground pvp better and give you more opportunities to defend yourself.
In summary: -Reduce the building block range for the small barricade item to just 1 meter from the bases (so that it cannot be placed in front of doors or attached to enemy walls) but now the building block range is very high, considering the quantity of bases present in the world and especially in some grass areas of the map where most of the pvp is done.
Reduce the range of the monuments, only for the small barricade item, then reduce the range to make it placeable much closer to the monuments (now the range is very high and it is right because otherwise the players would place the beds and much more) but it would be a exception only for the small barricade
-Make it placeable near and above the roads, and also near and possibly above the tracks (they would be destroyed if a train or car passes without causing slowdowns)
-Last, but not least, the decay time of the small barricade should be reduced to 20/30 minutes, given the possibility of being placed on the streets, and very close to monuments.

11 days ago

This is the state in so many point of the map right now

11 days ago

I can’t remember who wrote this comment, but this:
“Aren’t you the one supporting current number coinflip roofcamp simulator?
I’m heavy against current state of rust and if you haven’t realised that you are plain bricked.
When oils came out was peak rust, pvp was skilled good players stood out, you could wipe zergs solo/dolo with good positioning/spray.
Now you can only wipe them if you outgear them which will never realistically happen and they don’t roam in the 1st place anymore since progression is too fast and they can just play 1 grid simulator to offline everyone for endless loot.
Helis spawned on the road, so cargo/oil was actually counterable and was WAY more fun.
Also the game didn’t lagg like shit, i had 200fps back then on cargo/oils/beach etc..
Now i have 60fps on cargo, 30-120 on land.
Its a huge diff, the game is just becoming worse in every regard.
Pvp is dogshit and rng/number based. ( if you can find somone off their roof after wipeday)
Performance is worse its ever been.
Cheaters it has never had this many cheaters EVER.
Server performance because of the events and overloaded useless dead content in the game.
Progression which is not existent people techtreeing hv rockets and launcher 20m into fresh bp wipe.
Horse farms being complete 0 risk passive income that you can open all bps with 0 risk.
Too many safezones.
No point to leave base after day 1, so people perma roofcamp and drone everything they need.
Thats just few issues from all, there are plenty of bugs that have been in this game for years and they are not fixed, instead some cosmetic or pay2win shit is prioritized or newgen cashgrab gamba gunplay etc…
Just EA over again.”

11 days ago

Then just upvote this post is a really small things that can improve and made the pvp on ground more skill based

11 days ago


9 days ago