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Why so many military guns????#36286


Rust developers added so many military guns, it was better to work on good tier 2 guns handmade that gives the rust game vibes, like how SAR is made… this is a survival game

18 days ago

I suppose it’s because that way is more rewarding for roaming further away to get good weapons than to road-farm components near your base for tier 2 guns.

18 days ago

I absolutely disagree with you, glock, benelli, now the minigun, but let’s stick with sar and thomson as the most used and craftable weapons.
Military weapons are fine, but first they had to focus on making other handmade tier 2 weapons like the SAR and Custom and Thomson, maybe other rudimentary built WW2 weapons like the sar

18 days ago

they were wrong to add all these military weapons

18 days ago

Tier 2 fights are the most fun. AK + crouch isn’t it. Thus new content should be mid-game heavy. That’s what people get out of their bases anyway, most people store their tier3 guns and never even use them.

17 days ago

if you wanna cosplay as a retarded caveman just turn off the game and look in the mirror

16 days ago