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Monument Light Ideas :D#36291

Hey i have a very simple idea! You made a very beautiful game and you dont want anyone to see it for 15 minutes every hour. Why?

Why not make it so that at the start of every night, if the cycles are 15 minutes long lets make it… 7. So for 7 minutes every night all the Monument lights are turned on and after that they all shut down, maybe not all at the same time but in a pattern or randomised?. My point is that noone really uses the light switches to avoid getting killed.

And maybe make some of the street lights on all the roads work. Ofcourse not all of them but maybe have like flickering ones and some that are broken and some that work just fine? Im thinking a soft yelllow light or orange like in real life?

3 months ago

where the fuck is the power being generated in rust, because its definetly not in that dusty ass power plant monument.

3 months ago