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Canals and Canal/House Boats#36812

The ability for players to traverse the entire map by travelling a network of canals with locks would give players another method of transportation beyond trains, planes and automobiles. Plus it would be nice to have more inland usage for boats since right now all you can really do is use them to travel around the coasts and to and from oil rigs, sea fort and the underwater labs. The necessary next step on top of that would be to add canal boats or house boats which people can put a door on to claim and use to travel the maps network of waterways. Functional Canal Locks could also be added which could be used as a strategy to cut off teams or players using Canal Boats and leave them more vulnerable to attacks or in defensive situations eg. a Canal Boat is in pursuit of another Canal Boat so the leading boat could pull into a lock and close it, temporarily cutting off their pursuers and buying themselves more time to escape and recover. I think the addition of Canalboats, Locks and Canals themselves to the everchanging islands of Rust would definitely be a welcome one both in the PVP and PVE spheres

15 days ago