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Ham Radio#36822

This was suggested 4 years ago apparently but here we are back at bat. I would love it if there was a live radio frequency anyone can talk on with the right equipment. Would make for some funny moments, just as the phones have.

15 days ago

A fun concept for a civilized society. You screw around too much on a ham radio in real life and the authorities will come knocking.

Unfortunately, rust is often filled with an overwhelming collection of horrific levels of trolling/racism/toxic/<insert any number of other negative human attributes>. For those that genually have absolutely nothing better to do and enjoy nothing more than being an a-hole to bring those down around them because that’s how they enjoy themselves, they would abuse the hell out of this idea.

You want to give a platform for those people to be able to annoy or spread their bs across the whole server instead of just in their immediate vicinity. Even some 12 year old kid just screaming reee over the radio for hours straight sounds like the most moderate thing you would encounter.

We can’t have nice things because of these types of people, so while I like the idea, unfortunately, I don’t think it’s viable for the environment. As I stated at the start, the real world is toxic, but there are real life consequences for screwing around, but with no consequences in rust for being toxic trash, this would just be chaos.

I wish we could have such nice things though.

13 days ago

I understand your concern but people already have the ability to call and hot mic running around. The ham radio would have negligible effects on the current toxicity.

13 days ago