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SunBurn DLC Pack2#37099

Hello everyone!

I hope you’re having an excellent day. I would like to propose an idea for a new DLC that I believe could be a great addition to Rust, inspired by the success of SunBurn and very fitting for the upcoming season.

I’ve been thinking about some items that could add a fun and fresh touch to the game, and I’ve created some images to illustrate my ideas. Here are a few examples of the items I have in mind:

Water Cannon: Similar to the water pistol or rifle, this could be used for some laughs "or even to put out some fires...". The idea is that to use it, it would need to be installed on a base and for power, I think a good way would be to connect it to a Water Pump. Needless to say, the shooting range would be longer XD.

Inflatable Sphere: This idea would be interesting for, like the surfboard, navigating without getting wet and moving around by walking or running on water. Several models and colors could be designed.

Frisbees: This would be a great way to have fun with a friend or a group, spending time on the beach or in the field. They could be designed in various colors, and I even thought it would be interesting to be able to write on them in the style of note sheets... They would be very useful: for signaling, leaving notes for the neighbor, etc.

These are just some initial ideas and I am sure that with the collaboration and creativity of the community and the development team, we could take these ideas even further.

I have attached some images to help visualize these proposals. I would love to hear your opinions and discuss how we could make this new DLC a reality.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to your comments!

Best regards,

14 days ago

Mucha 🍀, se ve espectacular

14 days ago


14 days ago

That’d be fun!

14 days ago