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Bring Back Head Turning When Alt-Looking#377

You think you’re sneaking up on someone but they’re looking at you the whole time but you can’t see it because the head does not turn anymore when you alt-look. This should definitely make a comeback. You should know if someone is looking your way.

a year ago

THIS TOPIC IS URGENT. You think they didnt see you and you are rushing them but then they turns back instantly and kills you.

a year ago

That would look creepy, I don’t know.

a year ago

@y88cdw not really. If they animate (mocap, template, manually rig) the head, neck, and upper torso they can visually represent the character looking +/- 180 behind them. It’d be a lot of work though.

Now, if they only animate the head and neck then yes; visually it’d look weird past a +/- 90 degrees, unless they cap the animation at +/- 90 degrees even when the player is alt-looking more than +/- 90 degrees.

a year ago
Changed the status to
a month ago

This will bring back valve intro flashbacks

a month ago

I miss this lol. I thi k they took it out because of performance issues

a month ago