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Add new weather types into Rust#39

Short description:

Weather has been a part of Rust in the past. I believe it was removed because of performance issues but years have past since then, so it might be worth looking into this again. Below are some types and possible effects based on the previous roadmap.

Weather types:

[X] Fog (Basic fog as you would expect.)

[X] Rain (If Garry is reading this, look outside the window.)

[X] Thunderstorms (Similar to rain but with occasional lightning strikes.)

[X] Snow (Colder rain but slower and more “flaky”.)

[ ] Radstorms (Almost like thunderstorms but with a red and green ‘ish tint.)

Weather effects (optional):

Fog [Often]

  • Slightly increased harvest speed
  • Slightly more generated plants

Rain [Often]

  • Increased harvest speed
  • More generated plants

Thunderstorms [Less often]

  • Increased harvest speed
  • More generated plants
  • Faster animal movement (e.g. they panic)

Snow [Rare]

  • Decreased harvest speed
  • Less generated plants
  • Hurts naked players slowly over time (e.g. snowy biom behavior)

Radstorms [Very rare]

  • Highly decreased harvest speed
  • Almost no generated plants
  • Gives rads to players without enough protection (e.g. acid rain)

That’s my suggestion, feel free to ask questions.

a year ago
Changed the status to
a year ago

Weather is planned to be implmented at somepoint in the future.

a year ago

Radstorms would be sooo cool.

a year ago

Thanks for the heads up! I personally wouldn’t mind if this would be implemented step by step over time, basically not all types at once.

a year ago

although its cool they should wait a while till they add this, game is still an unoptimized mess and they keep adding new content that makes it worse. they need to get that sorted first

a year ago
Merged Weather conditions#66
a year ago

Weather effects should change temperature and wetness when outdoors.

a year ago

Radstorms would be very rare and even nakeds would be safe hiding under things like trees and similar. They’d be more like “acid rain” and not just a giant wave of radiation, wiping the entire server out. I also never said you would not be safe in your base.

(As a side note. Radstorms were on the old FP roadmap and I just copied it.)

5 months ago

Very good idea, I’d love to wake up in the morning and see my crops getting rained on maybe with a bit of thunder in the background while I make my food, “Cooking 2.0?”…

5 months ago


4 months ago

Snow and rain are my personal most wanted in rust. I love rust for atmosphere and rain with snow will add so better atmosphere in game….

3 months ago

Weather updates are a must. If possible, the atmosphere will be great.

2 months ago

Glad I found this. It should affect the player too:

2 months ago
Changed the status to
In Progress
23 days ago

Radstorm SHOULD relate to Aurora Borealis or Aurora Astralis. Northern/Southern lights. hopefully you can make that happen and make the skies in rust BEAUTIFULL.

23 days ago