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Make the nights lighter#4

Moonlight should illuminate the world and allow people to see in the dark at night.

5 years ago

i mean they hit everything else with realism kinda, but the night is nothing like it is in realife. Just pitchblack.

5 years ago

Yes please. Dark nights are really lame. Peoples argument is that you can farm wood and move loot. You can do that anyway. Using light sources at night gives away your position too easily and you cant mine nodes well without a mining hat on… which is a 1 shot.

5 years ago

Since it’s impossible to properly darken the night for all players equally, I’ve switched my position from having realistic dark nights to having nights be lighter, or at least have playable visibility in. Attempting to hack around all the various gamma and color correction tricks only makes it so a small subset of try hards that “cheat” can walk around night with a massive advantage, causing everyone to have the perception it’s even more unsafe to go out at night due to these types of “cheats.” This is why everyone hates nights, and stays in base. Not because its dark and they can’t get anything done (they can), but because they know lurking about is some 13 year old sweaty nerd with his AMD control panel open looking for chumps.

5 years ago

Please. Nighttime just kills the server for 14 minutes while everyone sits in their base waiting for morning.

5 years ago

My suggested fix for this would be to limit player view range at night with something like fog. You can see 10 meters out just fine then just a wall of fog. Carrying a torch extends this distance but the torch can be seen through the fog. Flashlights create a cone in front for however far distance would be balanced but again everyone else can see the flashlight.

5 years ago

Flashlights should just get a big fix, that would make nights alot more enjoyable already

5 years ago

I like the idea of brighter nights, but also consider keeping it so that every few night cycles, we get one very dark night. This way people who need to run a long distance, move loot, etc can strategically do so.

5 years ago

Wait, did Garry just reject his own idea? Thats hilarious.

3 years ago

JUST STOP….. just…. stop…..
….. you babies! -and don’t even cry, yes i said cry instead of try,…cry to take offense - ‘offense’ is a choice!)
Fact is, it IS mostly children, who cry about night time, stronger animals, crawling abilities etc etc…
Children tend to cry about ANYthing that is difficult.
Well wake up! Night is dark!
Have u kids never been outside at night AWAY from the cities?
It’s pitch black!
Besides, THEY GAVE YOU BABIES NIGHT VISION! - That should have shut u up!…. but nooOOoooo… waah waah waah… call them a waambulance!
How about this.. Hate night? - DON’T GO OUT AT NIGHT!! o.O!
Or better yet, use the opportunity to get up off ur arse and stretch your legs, exercise a bit and get a glass of water!
Old Man Paxus HAS SPOKEN!…

  • massive eye roll *
3 years ago

@Paxus must either be a roleplayer or new to the game, night isn’t “hard”, it’s an inconvenience that lasts 30 minutes where you can’t go out and do shit, sitting in base is pretty much the only option. Im almost at 4k hours and everyone I’ve ever met on rust hates the broken night. Night vision barely does shit, and I shouldn’t have to go out with a prim kit just to wear them, can’t wear a hazmat suit, can’t wear a facemask so roaming isn’t an option, only thing night is good for is grubbing (which we don’t need more of). The crawling ability is massively broken and taken straight from games like PUBG and Fortnite, and the animal ai being that aggressive doesn’t make sense in a pvp oriented game. If a server wants to appeal to pve roleplayers, they have the option to make animals more aggressive and do more damage. The fact of the matter is that Rust is mainly a pvp game, which is why the vast majority of the servers are pvp servers, and these mechanics don’t make sense.

3 years ago

@Paxus just imagine you’re trying to go deep and a crawler closes the fucking doors in the base, or in the middle of a raid. It takes 3 shots to finish someone when down now, compared to the 1 it used to. Imagine spraying a 30 clip of ak and beaming someone at 200 meters, just for them to crawl away and get revived. This is a pvp game we’re talking about.

3 years ago

@Meme : Coupl’a things:

  • I’m not a ‘role-player’ but then again, everyone playing a FPS is a role-player… but if you mean i primarily do RP stuff, nup.
  • I have more than 3x the hours you have.
  • You obviously haven’t met as many ppl as I have ; )P I have met lots of ppl who agree with me but I will grant you, a HUGE % hate it.
  • It’s not broken - it’s meant to be as it is.
  • Did you even read my post - There a HEAPS of things you can do at night.
  • Night doesn’t last 30 mins. Not even close.
  • NV works just fine. Get better.
  • You and ppl like you just want Rust on EASY MODE.
  • Crawling isn’t broken either, you just don’t like Rust.
  • Animals have ALWAYS been too easy - ANIMALS ARE BARELY AN INCONVENIENCE! They should be hard! Otherwise, what is the point?!
    I forget, you kids want Rust on EASY MODE.
  • I put your own argument to you - If you want a daylight only, PvP only server or game, go to that.
  • Rust is 100x more (what do you think all the features are for?) than ‘mainly pvp’! { do i really have to list all the features}—i’m not doin’ it but that rust is mainly PvP is patently ridiculous. No one needs electricity or transport for PvP, for just a couple of examples.
  • You are clearly in the wrong game for your tastes.
  • Closing doors when crawling is perfectly fine, it hinders and helps equally so no one has advantage - the only thing ‘broken’ is that HP goes up, that has to be a mistake. Of course ur HP when downed to crawl shouldn’t be more…

Peace, Love and Mung Beans.


3 years ago

@Paxus The game is mainly pvp, look at pretty much all the official servers on the game, most are 300-700 pop servers with clan pvp / raiding as the main playerbase. Electricity and cars aren’t just a pve thing, they aid with pvp and raiding and are great features overall. If I wanted rust on easy mode I’d play a softcore server or a 5x/10x server. Btw, softcore is pretty new, if rust was overall pve oriented those types of servers would’ve been around for a while on the official tab. We’re just now seeing a big pve/roleplay movement with the OTV server and stuff like that.

3 years ago

@Meme Whats the issue with the night?
If you can’t see anything just use a fleshlight, a torch, nightvision googles or one of the helmets. There are options.
I never had an issue with the night. I can’t see but i do know the area im in. I can use the map. I do not even touch the contrast settings.

And Rust isn’t about PVP. PVP is the thing which happens in the second you get shot from a bush next to the road.
Rust is most of the time grinding for ressources, staying hidden and think about tactics to get stuff from the others without getting shot.
PVP is just a very small part of the game measured in the time of gameplay.

2 years ago

So when are we getting this “moonlight update”?

2 years ago