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Advanced Health with nutrition#4151

Right now we have just Hunger which is fulfilled with food.
Since there will come cooking tier-2, all the food could have diferent nutrition levels. The player must balance the nutrition to have:

  • Better Aim
  • To run faster
  • Resist more to Radiation
  • Increasy max health as nutrition is higher, but the same way nutrition is low, max health will be low.
  • To carry more items without the penalty of weight ( which is on facepunch’s roadmap ). This would allow players to walk or run at normal speed or almost at normal speed.

Each kind of food would have it’s own nutrients:

  • Carbs: Mainly found in starchy products. Hope to have Bread and Wheat which are rich in carbs.
  • Protein: Protein is mainly found in meat, but there are small amounts of protein in Beans and some other food.
  • Fat: We already have when we collect from animals.
  • Vitamins: Vitamins are found in foods that have a vegetable or fruit component.

Consequences for not consuming each nutrient:

The lower the nutrient the higer would be the percentage of the consequence. I’m giving my opnion on what percentages would be if you reach zero nutrient in each one.


  • -10% movement speed
  • +10% crafting time


  • -10% of inventory slots (lack of protein means no strenght, so you cant carry much)
  • +10% more bleeding if you get wounded (Poor wound healing)
  • +5% infection (you have 5% of acquiring vomit when eating anything)


  • -10% movement speed
  • -5% cold resistance
  • -5% aim precision


  • lose more Hydration over time
  • -10% radiation resistance
  • +10% more bleeding if you get wounded (Poor wound healing)
  • The night will darker (Poor Night Vision)

With this food would be a vital part of rust making every player care for the food.

  1. This will encourage more raid to steal precious food from others.
  2. The small monuments will be more competitive
  3. Could add a regular food air-drop, since the rust island with so much players wouldn’t give much resources in this case ( questionable idea, but i leave here to you guys improve it )
  4. some plants only grow in certain biomes, so: desert would offer some types, snow will have others

I put an efford to elaborate this. Rust need this kind of feature to bring more content and life to what we can do inside the game beyond “gather, build, defend, kill, die and repeat”. we need more content to enrich the gameplay.

it is TL i know, but the more detail we give, the easier to develop an idea will be. i know because i’m a programmer, so we need detail to make this right and balanced

2 years ago

@Plínio José This is a very complex suggestion. I really enjoy stuff like this cause for me it makes the difference between a simple FPS game with survival character or a real survival game.

From my previous experience with this board most of these complex request will get downvoted quickly and most of the time without commenting, cause the people either don’t want to read everything, don’t understand everything and the consequences for the game or just hate everything that would make the game move away from it’s current endless Fortniet/battle royale state into to becoming an actual survival game.

I made a lot of complex requests like this myself. Just click on my name below this comment and you can see a list of all my suggestions. Since you seem to be kind of into complex ingame mechanics that force you to think about other stuff than reloading your gun and learning weapon sprays you might enjoy a lot of my suggestions.

I think your request is already well rounded up and I can’t think of any improvements right now.

2 years ago

@Yoda1285 you probably like Neverwinter nights, D&D (table and dices) just like me. Survival game is meant to have rich content and Rust is lacking it, just as you described in your posts.

I do have the same opnion that more than 50% of the Rust’s players is here because it feels like a Battle-Royale and not a survival game.

I don’t care what people vote for. i care to open my mind and expose my ideia! I pay for the game! And if they open a channel to the community to bring ideas, is because they are lacking ideas.

I’m a programmer and I do study Unity3D to make games myself.
An idea need to be polished to be a reliable feature. Otherwise is just a wish.

Conclusion: I’ll keep one idea per suggestion, but i’ll give rich and polished content. And futhermost i’ll link other ideias that might/can/will complement the general suggestion that i’ll make it.

You should do it too. People like us is the one who make the best ideas (and games if you choose to study so)

2 years ago

@Plínio José The best this, the best that… Who cares? It’s an individual thing. If I post a suggestion it’s just my idea for the game not the Holy Grail. It’s what I think would make the game more fun for me and hopefully for other people too.

Everyones ideas for the game are different and it doesn’t matter if you support it or not. Only one thing is for sure: It simply isn’t worth to start a debate about it. It’s absolutely pointless, like debates about food prefferences, favorite music and other stuff.

Sadly there are a lot of people in this world and on this board, that seem to have an urge to argue about these things. Most likely in a very destructive fashion like this: “What, you like One Direction… Are you gay?”

It’s so exhausting to talk to people who behave like this. Only thing that matters to them is their way of thinking and if they find one or two people on this board who agree with their thoughts they feel entitled to tell you that “you’re a fcking retard that has no idea what’s best for Rust…”. Most of the time they are so sure of themselves that they don’t even present an arguments against the idea other than: “I hate it!”.

I’m always like: “Well… Thanks alot my precious human fellow.”

To be honest I never played Neverwinter Nights or D&D, cause I am no fan of middle age scenarios.

Rust came out during a period with a lot of zombie games like DayZ Standalone. I really like DayZ, but I hate that it has 3rd person and 1st person servers don’t have much population most of the time (cause it’s too hardcore… xD) so I gave up playing it. Also I don’t like zombie games anymore.

Rust always was very tempting to me, cause @Garry Newman had a great vision for the game with a unique scenario a giant map and lots of content to give every player the ability to do whatever he pleases.

After over 5 years into development, we have a tiny little map, a giant lack of content that enforces a kill on sight meta cause it’s the only benfital playstyle and a way to fast progression to max loot, which is a problem that is still not solved, even though it was pointed out by a lot of players in the community back in 2014.

I know Facepunch isn’t a big studio and things take time, but when I see stupid item skins that have literally no purpose get added to the game before priority things like weather conditions or other content that would open up the game… Let’s just say: The “Let’s milk the cow till it dies.” vibes get stronger with every patch.

2 years ago

go play Green Hell.. this game is more about gunplay and competition than survival tbh

2 years ago

@Littletweeter Thanks for the suggestion. I will think about it, but I invested in so many early-access games on Steam that did sound promising but turned out to be trash or suddenly the development got stopped cause the developers had a bitch fight and left people with half a game.

I wish Steam would add an option so you get one free refund for every three early access games that you’ve bought. You could use these refunds on any game in your libary that you bought during it’ early access period and that turned out to be a massive disappointment for you.

2 years ago

@Plínio José I love this idea. I support it. I wanna it in Rust!!!

a year ago

Nice suggestion.

a year ago