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Let us set markers on the map#437

I see no downside of being able to set personal markers on the map to help with orientation.
Would be easier than always using ‘printpos’ in console and make a note outside of the game.

a year ago

you could before when you had to craft maps but they took it out of the game

they said that it will probs will not be comming back into the game but i agree it would be nice

the dev was talking about drawing on the map

a year ago

I’d prefer drawing on the map again but I belive Garry said there was a 0% chance of that happening. I don’t know why but anyway, being able to personalise the map in some way would be nice. Just keep it simple.

a year ago

You stole this idea to The Forest hahaha

a year ago

I would like to see my TC’s that i am authed on appear sortof like a locked crate but a tool cupboard icon so I can remember where I left my base at night.

a year ago
Changed the status to
6 months ago

Why can we place only 1 marker per player?

4 months ago

I love Yellow Wolf’s suggestion. I feel the map overall would be far more used in real life then we are confined to in game.

7 days ago