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do something about it or your game is gonna die you bots

Isaiah Whitehorn
8 months ago

I don’t truly know when “bot” became an insult.

GameSniper Studios
8 months ago

I’ve got over 900 hours in this game and never met a cheater.

8 months ago

@VenQs 2k here and no cheaters. I avoid official servers because I’ve heard the horror stories.

Zach Rorschach
8 months ago

@VenQs what is a cheater for you ? if it’s someone that fly or in god mod i can say i never meet them. But Rust is infested by aimbot/recoilbot/wallhacks. all game have cheater but there is a ton on Rust. Is it a Unity security breach ?

Guillaume Demay
8 months ago

@Guillaume Demay There’s always been cheaters. Rust is on sale during the summer so cheaters can buy new steam accounts to play Rust for free.

8 months ago