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Plating Trees#465

Add ability to plant trees.

In servers where the wipe is monthly most spawn areas don’t even have a single goddamn tree.

a year ago

Oh dam it would be awesome if we could plant them just like any other food (maybe they need to take longer to grow, like a few days to be finished).

I would be awesome to hide a base (kinda not as a small forest out of nothing is quite suspicious) and/or to re-forest area that we already loot.

This feature is only interesting in a monthly wipe tho :(

a year ago

Certain trees can bear some kinds of fruit so it’s not just for wood but also as a food resource. Take multiple days for redwoods and other large trees and trees that bear fruit.

a year ago

Great idea! Really like this one for the ability to hide a base. Here are some of my thoughts on this idea:

  • Ability to plant a variety of trees.
  • Higher grade seeds grow faster.
  • Seeds/trees are associated with a biome and grow only when placed in the correct biome.
  • Trees on average take ~2 days IRL to appear, so ~48 in game day cycles.
  • Eventually, additional tree models are implemented which allow “growing” of trees, rather than their spontaneous appearance.

Downsides: Similar to how we see a row of pumpkins/corn spam-planted, we’ll probably see the same for trees and this will be pretty ugly IMO.

However this would be a great introduction to terraforming. Allowing players to further sculpt the world that they spawn into.

a year ago

Tbh, I feel l like it’s a good an a bad idea. With this, performance will suffer greatly; think about 200 players and the pumpkin/corn areas. They lag, but with more trees = less performance. I feel like it’s a good idea, but something about it seems like it’ll hurt the game more than it should, 200 players will obviously do stuff like surround their base with trees. If it’s a small tree that’s worth half of a full tree or less, that’ll be better. Logically, trees can’t grow that fast, so even for a full day irl and so on, it’ll destroy now of Rust.
I feel it is more so un-needed, you can always find new formed trees; there’s never a wipe where there’s almost 0 trees. Every tree you break basically spawns a new one, not in the same spot; but still new somewhere else. Just got to find where the “somewhere” is.

a year ago

The only plantable trees should be small trees and they should only give you half wood for harvesting them

a year ago

There’s respawing logs on the beach.

a year ago

@Eleesium you seem like someone who hasn’t cut down 2 sectors of trees (I did than on halloween with the sicle on facepunch 3. My friends told me they needed wood, I got like 1.5 not boxes but coffins of pure wood).

a year ago

yes lets plat some trees

a year ago

i will cut them all down and just throw the wood in the ocean ;-)

a year ago

Cut a tree down, get 1 tree seed, simples

a year ago

Forestry would be a great addtion to Rust. Build your own little greenhouse.

10 months ago

Each area has a weakness and this would just trample on that balance

5 months ago

Bro, trees grow back if you already did not know :D

3 months ago
Changed the status to
3 months ago

Infinite Wood here we go!!!

3 months ago