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Train Monument#466

A working train that goes around the map on a track like cargo ship that has lots of loot and scientists it changes train yard into a station where the train then begins are journey around the entire island there is then locked crates military crafts crates and tool boxes on all scattered around

After one loop it stops and waits untill the next loop.
When stationary the train has no loot on and emits radiation

a year ago

It would be awesome if the map system include a network of rails, kinda like the roads and bus stop that connect everything. (sadly they often not connect all together)
I think it should be an event, like the cargo ship but maybe not all around the map, could be a one way convoy garded by heavy scientist.

As all areas of the map will potentially have a monument connected by a road/rail. The convoy could spawn somewhere and reach one or a few monuments.

a year ago

Yeah im thinking of a battle field 1 train but goes fast and has lots of loot mixed sith gtav train that never stops

a year ago

maybe you have to catch up to it by riding a horse next to it and then jumping on, kind of similar to how you need a boat to get onto cargo.

a year ago

Yeah thats what im thinking

a year ago

Faster than runnning faster than horse trott but slower than horse run and minicopter

a year ago

It is a cool idea so lets get it to the top

a year ago

The train could have a scientist with a turret on the top.

a year ago

I made a similar post a few days ago before I saw this.

Similar to cargo with a bit of a twist. The train would be a fairly common event with different variations. The railroad would hit several key locations such as trainyard, harbor, military tunnels, etc. The train would be going fast enough for horses and cars to catch it but would slow down when passing near monuments enough for people on foot to get on.

1st variation- most common
Remember that naked barge that was fairly close to making it in the game. This variation could severe a similar purpose. This train would be controlled by the NPC bandit group and would be guarded by them. The train would act as a mobile safe zone with limited time items for sale.

2nd variation- uncommon
The cargo train would be similar to a high tier monument. Guarded by hostile scientists and juggernauts. The train would be stocked with higher tier loot and even a chinook crate.

3rd variation- rare
The armored train, similar to taking a boss vehicle like Bradley or helicopter. The train could be defended by a multitude of defenses but always has some form if auto cannon defending it. It may also have SAM turrets or gunslits for scientists inside the train to shoot out. To get the loot of the armored train vital modules of the train must be destroyed for the train to stop and drop loot. These modules may include the auto cannon cart, the engine cart, or even the conductors cart. After these vital modules are destroyed then flaming loot boxes will drop like helicopter and Bradley.

Each train variation should have chances for different modules to spawn, for example the bandit train might spawn with a small helipad one time and without one a different time. Same could go for the other two variations. This would change each train event and the tactics needed to use them.

Also if you’re adding trains you kinda have to add a craftable handcrank cart.

3 months ago

They should have the rail system be an underground metro. Would be a lot easier and wouldn’t interfere with the surface. Would also give the underground dwellers more purpose.

3 months ago

Underground would be really cool, houwever I cannot see it working above ground as it creates too many restrictions.

3 months ago

Love the idea of an apocalyptic subway system where a few cars still run in the dimly lit tunnels. Get around the map quickly and free, but the tunnels are full of service hatches where someone might be setting up an ambush, and who knows who might be waiting for the car at the next station.

a month ago

a train that you need a car to board would be sick as fuck

a month ago

Hello, I want to show you my idea for adding content to the game Rust.
At the moment, the game has a large number of static locations, there is a helicopter and a Chinook that drop supplies.

But in my opinion, a truly dynamic and complex location is cargo, where you can get in different ways, it has a lot of fire points, NPCs on Board, you need to fight off other players, protecting your supplies.
I think Rust is a very dynamic and fast game, where victorious actions are performed in seconds.

I want to show you a variant of our own dynamic location for Rust .
A large number of models for this already exist, and perhaps the developers have already thought about this topic, but I want to share the development of my idea.

It’s A Train.
The train starts to follow from a peaceful NPC city, passes a certain path, can have the number of laps like cargo (2-3 laps), and then returns back to the city.

Location description:
Any way to capture the train, it can be stormed by land and air transport,
some trains have NPCs.
In certain cars there are boxes with good supplies, and boxes of different values are scattered around the train.
At the beginning of the train, in the locomotive, there is an NPC, after killing which the speed of the train can be adjusted using the switch and monitor it. Gradually, the speed increases to a complete stop, or increases to a critical point at which the train derails, all valuable supplies remain among the wreckage, and players take damage.
If the speed is stable, the train continues to go, and the pressure must be adjusted at a certain time, not constantly.

Thank you for your attention, I will be interested in your opinion!

a month ago

Misha Bektyashkin, Nice photos but … its Monument so no STOPS .. on Locotomive .. you have Cargo Ships on game too and no brake :D Moving Locomotive its better when you fall .. bad for you :D Area Dangerous .. etc .. :D

7 days ago