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Make all roleplayer items default blueprints.#479


Guitar, signs, chairs, tables, planters, etc.

a year ago

While we are on this topic can we at least make solor panels and batteries and lights as basic bp, imagine doing all that work on electric system and i cant use it as a solo player as i had no luck finding them, such a shame not to be able to use it ,🍀 please face punch

a year ago

Plant it’s role play???

a year ago


a year ago

this is pointless but good

a year ago

Chairs shouldnt be basic bp because they give people 100% comfort and almost (if not no) weapon sway.

a year ago

maybe not guitars…… we don’t need more of those running around

a year ago


a year ago

Most voted suggestion and still no answer

3 months ago

It seems that some people have a different understanding of “role player item” definition.

  • Planters? No, since they’re used for farming -> important gameplay advantage
  • Acoustic Guitar? Yes -> no advantage, just fun purpose
  • Signs? Yes -> no inherent advantage
  • Rugs, Tables, Furniture… ? Depends. Comfort can be advantageous but I’d argue the actual impact is so situational that these can be default.

What is also up to consideration is how this affects T1 WB results. If many items are default then it is easier to get stuff like Garage doors which are super useful and important in current building meta.

2 months ago

Signs- pretty sure they already are? I always start with wooden signs BP. And there are a few cosmetic sign BPs that are DLC/you can buy. I actually appreciate greatly this form of microtransaction and would request more of them. Truly non-mechanically advantageous microtransaction BPs are fun. Unique little furniture things, and such. But I digress-

I disagree with this mainly because its not really necessary. 1 hour of barrels and you’ll have every one of those BPs, anyway. Comfort items and planters absolutely give gameplay advantages and I don’t see why the current system needs changing.

I guess its a minor enough thing to not matter terribly.

a month ago

Random research on workbench does not cover all the items, so yeah, tables and stuff like that should be default.

a month ago

I agree with this, I’m tired of useless BPs falling out of barrels anyways, when it very well could have been that one component I was looking for.
It’s tedious picking up the BPs, then throwing them out because it’s some useless crap item that everyone should have just had to begin with. Fully support this. Come on Facepunch <3

8 days ago

Use your workbench to experiment. Also, if you want to play RP, find or make an RP server and have those items/BPs just given to a new player. Chances are there is an Oxide plug to do this or you/admins can give them out. No need to alter the base game to do this.

7 days ago

Need to delete blueprints from barrels

6 days ago

Isn’t the looting items independet from each other? If you get a BP, doesn’t mean the chance for anything else is lowered?
I thought each drop has it own chance, with a super minimal chance you get every item from the loottable?

5 days ago