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Fix high external wall placment#4815

theyre more fucked than my big toe

4 months ago

Could you elaborate a bit more about what is wrong with the current high external wall placement?

4 months ago

I know what he means, the ability to place high walls and sometimes foundations can be insanely buggy, error messages like “not in terrain” even though it would fit can be very annoying. Small rocks can also prevent you from placing some foundations and walls.

4 months ago

“fix” is not the correct word imo, the behavior is part of the antistacking-mechanics. u just want it to be “easier” and be able to place it wherever u want.

Ex b
4 months ago

Speaking about wanting to place it were i want, Take a look at this #5071 ^_^, as for anti stacking mechanics, not too worried about there more so worried about getting these things to work on uneven ground with out haveing to try and frakenstine it.

4 months ago