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Scientist Patrol boats#520

Scientists spawn on a boat and can ride it around. Kind of like the scientist that spawns on a road. Makes looting on the sea more dangerous. Can spawn up to 3 scientists on one boat.

5 years ago

In other words R.I.P solos

5 years ago

F for me @MinAu2003

5 years ago

I am opposed to this idea, I like scientists to fight but I don’t want to have to look over my shoulder for patrol boats.

5 years ago

I am strongly against this idea. The sea is the last haven of peace. We already have players in rhibs and minicopters patrolling it, as well as the cargo ship, we don’t need more surface danger.

Wildlife, however, like sharks or whales would be interesting.

5 years ago

Alright guys thanks for the opinions :3
And also what I meant by this is that max 3 or 4 patrol boats spawn on the whole map and circle around the island not billions of boats because that would make the game unplayable :3

5 years ago
Changed the status to
5 years ago

Can have a icon that show where this boat its like the cargo

5 years ago

Sure, but they have to be deep sea so they dont mess too much with solos

3 years ago

This is the shit that gets roadmapped? Seriously?

3 years ago

I think if this does get added, which I hope it doesnt there should be a max of 2 scientist. One driver one attacker

2 years ago

More NPC’s are alreadys a welcome surprise! Bring more life to RUST! PvE is great.

a year ago

If they are going to spawn 3 at a time I hope they have decent loot tables

a year ago

I like the idea but not everywhere, it’s good to have a quiet zone in the game like the sea.

I would have scientists patrol ships but only near monuments

a year ago

As a solo, I don’t mind as long as they drop extra loot, and you can ride their boat after you end them.

9 months ago

dont do this, the sea is the solo’s safe place…. :(

6 months ago